Innovation Media

Borealis Media is creating a totally vertically integrated entertainment and technology enterprise, combining the upstream and downstream of entertainment, tied by game-changing entertainment technologies and entertainment funds.

For this, we have assembled world-class financiers and business executives from the US, Europe and Asia, big name Hollywood producers and technologists. The financial mechanism we are creating is a first of its kind: merging Hollywood and the worldwide “Wall Streets,” to enable the securitization and indexing of entertainment funds and debts.

The upstream includes project sourcing and financing with a leading media content and financing company together with top talent and sales agencies. The midstream of this includes creating the next generation of content via cutting edge technology developed through our partnership with incubators at leading universities in China and the US, as well as content developed by our partners at leading production houses. The downstream includes unparalleled international distribution of content via our universal currency exchange platform and partnerships with leading content distribution partners.

Through this model, we connect Hollywood to a new “Hollywood East” in China. Hollywood East is our vision for a new Hollywood, established through the transfer of American entertainment know-how and technology to enable the production and distribution of Chinese-created content.

Building this bridge will enable the flow of financing, content creation, technology development and content distribution between these two entertainment poles.
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