Welcome to Borealis Engineering

We Build Smart Cities

Borealis Engineering delivers green, resilient smart city solutions today. Based in Norway, Borealis brings together industry leaders in city planning, engineering and IT and coupled with new IP and our own smart city IoT architecture to design and deploy complete solutions for smart cites. These solutions are based on the foundation of datacenters and fiber optic cable networks, to capture, store and transport the huge amounts of data produced by smart cities.

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Borealis' Smart City IoT allows cities to use sensors and data analysis to bring intelligence to urban environments, and improve the quality of life for residents.

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Smart cities will generate huge amounts of data, Borealis builds the datacenters that will be at their foundation.

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Smart cities will depend on high-speed, low-latency, ultra-reliable communications networks running on fiber.

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LED Lighting

Our smart street lights come with a control network that can connect a city-wide array of sensors, and analytics packages.

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Our Initiatives

Belt & Road Initiative

Borealis supports China's Belt and Road Initiative, which is expected to bridge the 'infrastructure gap' and thus accelerate economic growth across the countries along the Road.


Borealis stimulates innovation by helping Educational Institutions monetize and support research and development.

Intellectual Property

Borealis monetizes intellectual property through its unique IP Trust.


Our Approach

For Business

Borealis Engineering, SPV is the number one smart cities power brokerage firm on the planet.

For Government

Borealis works with national and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations to realize their economic and development goals.

For Sustainability

We leverage data-driven solutions to help your organization select the right tools for integration, measurement, visualization and automation in a powerful, practical and prolific way to drive sustainable performance.

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